Saturday, January 23, 2010

The special lotus flower

There are few plants on this earth that capture one’s attention to immediately convey a feeling of the beauty, wonder and mystique of nature. The lotus is one of those rare gifts. It affects us all, pond owners, poets, spiritualists, artists, gardeners, scientists and historians.

I chose the lotus as the logo for my flower business as well as my web name as it came to me during one of my mediations. A Buddhist Monk said that the lotus flower holds a special place for us because it symbolizes our struggle in this world. It is born in the still waters of the pond underneath the mud and when the time comes it emerges. It grows out of the water and straight toward the sky, opening its petals in the rays of the warm sunlight revealing its beauty and sharing its fragrance with the world leaving the mud far behind. Even its leaves are water resistant as the flower reaches toward the sky somehow existing as part of its environment and separate from it at the same time.

This is my new beginning and time of blossoming and spreading joy in the later years of my life. Thank you all for following me as I strive to spread beauty and share the fragrance of this blog. Come with me and watch my garden grow!

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